Fog lights chrome trim Audi S5

Fog lights chrome trim Audi S5
Fog lights chrome trim Audi S5
  • Material : PVC
  • Height : 6 mm
  • Depth (adhesive side) : 6 mm
  • 03 - Allier : 2 International economic letter
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Luxyline offers you this exclusive new type of chrome strip, patented design of which we are the only dealer in Europe. The chrome strip is in a L-shape, the front part being chrome-plated and the side part being used for fixing it by means of a very strong adhesive of the brand 3M (American premium brand for a durable fixing on all supports). The holding will be much better than all the other U-shaped strips offered by our competitors, the fixing part being covered with a simple adhesive paste.

Resistant to rain/snow, UV and washing (high indirect pressure jet and rollers). Make sure you degrease the surface with a solvent of Gazoline F-type before applying it.

This moulding trim strip for frog lights is to be fixed on the fins of the front bumper frog lights, to add chrome finish to it. Power Cigarette lighter refill

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